NDT Legal Consultancy has significant experience in the field of debt enforcement and bankruptcy law. We carry out comprehensive investigation to determine all properties belonging to the debtor, including real estate as well as rights and receivables in third persons under execution proceedings with the purpose of collecting receivables in the field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law. Such services also include litigation proceedings at execution courts and general courts for the resolution of disputes between the creditor/the debtor and third persons.

Some of the other services provided by us in the field of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law include:

Carrying out enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings for the purpose of collecting receivables

Drafting protocols for debt liquidation negotiations and amicable agreements made between the debtor or creditor client and the other party

Carrying out proceedings for the suspension of bankruptcy

Execution proceedings through impoundment,

Recover claims peculiar to bill of exchange,

Transform to cash of the chattel mortgage or mortgage,

Eviction of leased real property,

Composition of debts,

Actions for annulment of objection,

Actions of replevin,

Negative declaratory actions,