The international community is made up of many states, each with its own legal system and laws regulating such aspects of daily life as family relations, business relations and property rights. These laws can vary significantly from one state to another. With the increased mobility of people across international borders and the predominance of international trade, often involving companies or individuals based in more than one state, it is inevitable that the different legal systems will come into conflict. Private international law is that branch of law which specifically deals with the conflict of laws problem amongst states. The aim of private international law is not to resolve the substantive problem but to provide a framework of legal rules to determine which state’s law applies to a legal dispute.

Our specialties;

Applications for residence permit, work permit and extension of their validity

Applications for Turkish citizenship and renouncement of nationality for Turkish citizens

Counselling within the scope of inheritance law and real estate law to foreigners

Applications for subsidiary protection, temporary protection and asylum seekers,

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments