We provide legal support to several clients as regards real property law and related transactions by considering the real estate legislation in our country and developments in this area. In this context, we support our clients as regards various issues such as taking legal measures, drafting contracts, consultancy services and in case of dispute, following litigation proceedings with regard to  operations such as real estate acquisitions and sales, real estate financings and leases, urban transformation projects, construction agreements, performance of real estate asset management in accordance with the respective legislation which are in connection with the respective legislation including Turkish Civil Code, the Law of Obligations and the Turkish Commercial Code and we follow such processes carefully.

Some of the services provided in the field of Real Property Law include:

Actions of replevin

Actions for evacuation

Adequate prices

Elimination of joint ownership

Preliminary contract for real estate sale

Actions of flat ownership

Carrying out land registry procedures

Drafting rental contracts

Drafting agreements for establishment of real and personal rights

Ensuring due diligence and issuing its report

Drafting purchase and sales agreements

Acquisition of real estate by foreigners

Urban transformation dispute resolutions