On 6 March 2019, BCCT took part in “The Way to the Top” – a “global conversation among top women” organized by ATHENA40 and The Global Thinkers Forum, marking International Women’s Day 2019 and connecting fearless, innovative and diverse women leaders across 6 countries and 4 continents.

Successful entrepreneur women met during the panel which took place simultaneously in six cities across the world. The part of the event that took place in Istanbul panel was organised with BCCT’s and Assembly Buildings‘ support at Ferko Signature by Assembly.

The event involved the participation of women that are successful in their respective fields participating to the event from in Istanbul, London, New York, Athens, Amman and Lahore to hold concurrent panel discussions on the promotion of diversity, gender equality, the meaning of power and the secret of success for woman entrepreneurs.

In his opening speech, BCCT Chairman Chris Gaunt expressed his pleasure in seeing BCCT contribute to this global discussion involving strong, successful, entrepreneurial women from Turkey.

Moderated by BCCT Senior Advisory Board member and OneWorld Consulting Partner Tim Bright, the Istanbul event featured as panelists Designer Begum Cânâ Özgür, Ebru Özdemir (Chairman of Limak Investments), Didem Altop(Founding Partner of 2C Project House), Nurdeniz Tunçer (Founder and President of Turkey’s Guide Dogs Association), Lale Can (Managing Director, Business Development at Afiniti Turkey), and Simay Dinç (Founder of Women in Games Turkey).

Panelists their success stories in different areas in different parts of the world, as well as how their view of the future builds on their experiences. They expressed their views on what are the real factors for change that can actively promote women’s empowerment, as well as their opinions on what needs to be done for the promotion of inclusiveness, and shed light on how entrepreneurship affected their life on their way to the top.